Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Group
With another school year upon us we have
some great news, the PTA is up and running! We
held our elections and voted in our Members at
the end of last school year resulting in:


President- Kaytland Smith
Vice President -Jody Cooke
Treasurer-Denise Sawlor
Secretary-Amanda Elsworth
Fundingraising Coordinator-Beth Tate

We are all very excited to start the new year and
make some positive changes for our school. I will
be putting a monthly update in the newsletter
and you can see meeting minutes and other
information on the facebook page. We will be
holding our first meeting September 15th at the
school and hope to see parents/teachers out for
support and ideas. We will be setting out ideas for
what we want to achieve for the year and setting
goals. Even if you are unable to take an active role
anything you can do to help is great. Also if you
have any questions or concerns please contact
any one of our Members and we will do whatever
we can to help. Hoping for your support at the
next meeting!

Kaytland Smith (902)833-2039