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Christmas Concert Photo Booth

The Parent Teacher Group is setting up a photobooth for our Christmas Concert in the main entrance of the school from 5 o'clock until the concert starts. It will be a great opportunity for students and families to have their picture taken when everyone is dressed in their finest :)The cost will be $2 for an electronic copy that will be emailed to you and $4 for a hard copy 4x6 that will be available in the new year. All proceeds will be used by the PTA to enchance the learning experience for our children at SMECA. Thank you all for your support.

Parent Teacher Announcement

Preschoolers Program
We need your help! SMECA PTA is currently pursuing a preschool learning program for our area. And while we know parents are interested in the program we need to know what you want. So what can you do to help? Tell us what you want to see! How many days a week? How long? Learning or play based? Ages? Goals? Or anything e alse you think is relevant. You can let us know either on our Facebook page or by email Thanks for your input!



Drama Production


The St. Mary’s Drama Class proudly presents:

Who Stole Santa Claus?

Santa Claus has gone missing the day before SMECA’s elaborate Christmas Concert. But who took him? The exhausted Music Teacher? The Principal? The Janitor? The Secretary? One of the Students?

Will the mystery be solved? Will Santa be returned so the Christmas Concert can proceed as scheduled? Find out in this one act mystery that is sure to entertain.

This event is open to the community – Please check in at the office

St Mary's Pathfinders/Rangers Fundraiser

The St. Mary’s Pathfinders/Rangers are hosting a Food Bank Challenge at St. Mary’s Education Centre/Academy. The race is on to see which class can bring in the most individual food bank donations. The class with the most donations will win a PIZZA PARTY to be held on December 18th. The rules are simple, bring in a food donation between December 7th and 17th. A donation box will be placed in each classroom. Members of the Pathfinders/Rangers will collect donations throughout the challenge and track progress on a chart in the main lobby.